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GATEWAY SCIENCES is a vertically integrated mental health, nutrition and biotechnology enterprise.

The mission

GATEWAY Sciences Mission

To deliver best-in-class products and health care in a safe, secure medical environment. To be the leading example in this new frontier of psychiatric psychedelic therapy and wellness products.

As responsible gatekeepers, we will open the gate, take our client’s hands, and guide them on a pathway to their journey towards wellness and self-actualization

GATEWAY Sciences Model
GATEWAY Sciences

Our Unique Vertical Approach


A global network of clinics specialized in psychedelic medicine and mental healthcare.


All natural custom formulations of medicinal mushrooms, and wellness products.


Mycelium based nutrition solutions for analogue meat and fungi based protein.


A robust clinical research pipeline across mycology and psychedelic medicine therapy

THe Gateway Team


Clay Kahler


Clay is actively engaged in the mental health renaissance driven by the growing acceptance of the therapeutic use of psychedelic compounds.

Dr. Beth Baughman DuPree, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

A board-certified general surgeon specializing in breast diseases, with additional board certification in integrative and holistic medicine.


Our Lab

GATEWAY’s partnership with our sister company SprayLabs, LLC enables rapid research, development and manufacturing of cutting edge wellness products. 

Our products are manufactured at cGMP and FDA approved facility using proprietary technology to make nanomaterials delivered through spray, tincture, lipsomal packets, and powders.

Clinics & Research

Pioneering the future of wellness

Our clinics are host to expert teams of thought leaders, researchers and medical practitioners who stay current with all the latest research and practices by remaining in constant communication with the best mental professionals around the world. GATEWAY’S collaboration with renowned universities puts GATEWAY in position to lead the Psychedelic and Wellness industries

the values

Our Values

Consciously Compassionate

At GATEWAY, we treat the whole individual, not the symptoms, but rather the root problem. We do so with compassion and understanding as we provide people with individual personalized experiences. We are committed to providing healing and an end to the suffering our patients are experiencing.

Bold Innovation

As mindful pathfinders, we continuously strive to overcome the obstacles and propaganda around the paradigm shift in mental healthcare to embrace psychedelic medicinal therapies. Through science-based innovation, research and development, we create solutions for humanity and set the bar for the industry.

Unwavering Commitment 

We are mindful of our tremendous responsibility to each individual we serve at GATEWAY. With this in mind, we provide an environment of trust in our clinics, superb quality in all of our products and the core philosophy of building a true partnership between individuals and their health care.  

"There’s a way to do it better – find it."

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