How Maya Health is Making Psychedelics Safe for Public Benefit with Founder and CEO David Champion.

An important part in the emerging field of psychedelic medicines is the use of technology to gather and disseminate data. Today we welcome David Champion on Gateway Sessions. David is the CEO of Maya Health, a company focused on providing psychedelic practitioners with the information and technology they need to scale psychedelic healthcare smartly and safely. Maya is designed to leverage data and analytics to power and empower the ecosystem of researchers, policy makers, therapists and practitioners at the frontier of mental healthcare.

In this discussion with David Champion, you’ll discover:

-David’s personal journey to becoming an expert in the realm of psychedelics…02:00

-The mission and parameters of Maya Health, a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation…07:15

-Next steps after raising necessary startup funds for Maya Health…10:15

-Ariane explains her role with, and the overarching mission of Gateway Sciences…17:05

-Success stories from the nascent epoch of Maya Health…21:00

-Ketamine used as a modality for healing and connection with our divine nature…30:13

-How to connect with Maya Health and get involved with their mission…39:01

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