Elite Military Officer Utilizing Psychedelics to Heal PTSD, Depression and Anxiety (Neil Markey of Beckley Retreats)

There are millions of people around the world who are looking for healing and wellbeing through psychedelics. And the emerging psychedelic wellness industry is looking to help and serve these people. What does it take to manage the daily routine of a psychedelic wellness venture? What are the biggest challenges and how do you establish safe protocols? How do you ensure proper integration and what are the key differences between a retreat and a clinical experience with psychedelics?

Today’s guest has answers to these questions.

Neil Markey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats, a space offering comprehensive psilocybin assisted therapy retreats. Prior to getting his MBA in Finance and Economics at Columbia University, Neil was a Captain in the US Army Special Operations 2nd Ranger Battalion and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Neil credits mindfulness and psychedelics with his own profound healing from depression and PTSD, and his journey of healing himself in the past has grown into a journey of assisting the healing of many others in the present.

In this discussion with, you’ll discover:

-How “losing your mind” can work for your benefit…02:30

-How elite military training has assisted Neil’s journey with psychedelics and business…05:22

-Using psychedelics as a productive means of healing (vs. illicit drugs and alcohol)…10:00

-How Beckley Retreats brings about healing via psychedelics…16:00

-Anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of the retreats…22:40

-Meet the matriarch of psychedelic research upon which current practices rest…29:07

-The biggest challenges in running a psychedelic retreat…34:45

-The intensive screening process for qualifying retreat attendees…39:00

-How psychedelics help us get in touch with our inner self…42:00

-And much more!

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