Musical Improv a Modality of Healing, About the “Drama Triangle”, and Investing Wisely in the Psychedelic Realm with Marik Hazan

The modern state of psychedelics is exciting as well as daunting. What does it mean to invest in the business of psychedelics and how is the legal landscape evolving after decades of research into compounds that show promise for trauma-based mental health disorders, addictions and more? How can and must this field be navigated ethically and with high integrity? And what implications does the profound cultural shift we are currently experiencing with regards to psychedelics have?

Today on Gateway Sessions we have the privilege to hear from Marik Hazan, a thought leader and venture capitalist in the psychedelic space.

Marik is an engineer, advocate, entrepreneur, and investor who has worked across “counter culture” industries. He founded the first incubator focused on psychedelic startups and runs the world’s largest psychedelics conference, Psyched. He is the founding partner of Tabula Rasa Ventures, the premiere accelerator fund for early stage psychedelic companies and is the CEO of Energia Holdings Inc., an organization building the future of health by turning healthcare’s blindspots into preventative care solutions.

In this discussion with Marik, you’ll discover:

-How Psychedelics are a small cog in the overall machinery of society…02:30

-The mission of Tabula Rasa Ventures…05:45

-Common misconceptions regarding psychedelics…09:42

-Challenges and pitfalls in investing in psychedelics…14:40

-Is now the right time to invest in psychedelics?…19:30

-Indicators of healthy (and unhealthy) investments in the psychedelic space…24:50

-What inspired Marik to advocate for human rights…31:58

-An overview of the “Drama Triangle”…39:12

-How the narrative of the entrepreneur is changing…42:15

-How community and psychedelics intertwine for the betterment of humanity…44:54

-Musical improvisation one of the most potent modalities of healing human emotions…47:30

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tabula Rasa Ventures

Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey

Gateway Sessions podcast w/ Dr. Rachel Yehuda

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